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More Silly Nameplay

My alarm clock wakes me up with NPR’s “All Things Considered”, usually too early in the morning. I recently heard a story about some suicide bombings in Morocco, followed by an update from the Democratic presidential campaign trail. In my semi-conscious fog, I thought I heard:

“Barack Obama hit by Morocco bomber.”

Say it five times fast.


THIS was more appropriate than Stephen Colbert?

I’m speechless.

This column from the Washington Post has the color commentary. But it doesn’t make it any easier to watch. (Free registration required. Thanks to Justin C for the link.)

Likeability Matters

The headline pretty much said it all: “Kerry Ranked Last On Likeability”. Yeah, it’s easy to kick the guy right now, but if you look at the numbers, it’s impressive how poorly he rated in this poll. The question’s a little fruity (people were asked how warmly they felt towards a series of politicians on a “feeling thermometer”), but Kerry rated lower than noted huggy bears Newt Gingrich and Dick Cheney. People feel less warmly towards Kerry than towards Dick Cheney? Ouch.Yes, it’s sad that politics has become almost entirely marketing, and I like and respect John Kerry as a legislator, but this is what happens when you have no sense of humor, insult the troops, and most importantly, act arrogant and drag your feet in saying you’re sorry. Someone should start a PR course called “How Not To Connect With The Public: Lessons From John Kerry”.

(Ported from the old blog.)