This here is a semi-professional blog, as opposed to a personal blog (see link) or an official blog for my job. You’ll find random musings about:
-Culture, media & marketing (always in that order)
-Comics (still haven’t outgrown them after 40+ years)
-A little bit-o-politics. Not too much politics. You wouldn’t like me when I get too political.
-Things what makes me laugh
-Things that are under-publicized. If I can defeat the Evil Doers and stop Injustice by bringing the mighty fury of my 3 readers (that’s you) to bear, I must heed the call. With great power comes great responsibility.

You will not find:
-Stuff that every other blog in cyberspace has already covered. Frankly, I’m just too slow. I’ve listed the online resources that I troll on a regular basis under “Blogroll” (a word I hate–it sounds like a disgusting sushi–but I haven’t figured out how to change it yet).
-A new post every hour. Or day. I’m aiming for a once-a-week schedule, but I’m already way, way behind.

Finally, let me cover my ass by saying that the contents of this site represent my own personal opinions or the opinions of the sources cited and/or linked. They do not represent the opinions of, or about, my employer or our clients. I’m not that dumb.


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